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Patricia Huffman

Pat Sarver Huffman is an artist and art teacher. She worked in watercolors for over 30 years and is also painting with oils now. She has worked in acrylics, gouache, colored pencils, mixed media and graphite. When deciding what to paint, she looks for something that has "touched her" in a special way. It could be a combination of shapes, colors, shadows and light patterns, a mood, a certain look of a face, an atmosphere. "It has to speak to me so I can't wait to express it through my artwork."

Pat has painted a variety of subject matter over the years, including large florals, still lifes and objects, landscapes, architectural scenes, and her favorite, portraits. She has loved drawing and painting portraits since first grade. As a child, she used t o draw on the brown paper bags her mother brought home from the grocery on Saturdays. She took art classes for 12 years at public school which she accounts for her desire to continue artistic pursuits. She studied fine arts at the University of Illinois in Champaign IL. She taught in public schools and a community college in Illlinois. She has also studied with various nationally known watercolorists throughout the years, including Frank Webb, Tom Lynch, Pat Weaver, Topher Schinck, and Lynn Ferris.   

Her art studio is in her home outside Lafayette, Indiana. She has exhibited her work extensively in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky and received many awards including Best of Shows, merit awards, and others at the local, regional, state and national levels. She is a Cardinal Fellow of the Watercolor Society of Indiana and a member of the Hoosier Salon.

"My greatest reward is experiencing that joyful place creativity takes you".

"Art is in my blood and will be always."

Pat Sarver Huffman